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2PAC Video Hits 29979932
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Views: 29979932 * Duration: 04 mins 32 sec

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joblowhobo writes --> 2PAC

Uploaded By : --> joblowhobo

*Grab ya glocks when ya see 2Pac/Call the cops if ya see 2Pac/Ugh Who shot me? but ya punks didn't finish/Now, you bout to feel the wrath of a menace/Nigga, I hit 'em up! 
*rip bro..
*And then he died ..
*كس امه ارماندو احسن منه :D
*the best
*This song got pac killed fuck puff daddy fuck bad boys !! WEST COAST 4 LIFE !!
*just came here too make pac's friends
*I dont understand why he had that beef with biggi ? I love their music but i dont like this diss shit , many good people died becasue they were ignorant fools :( and the police didnt want people like them to have power , fuck the police, fuck wars , fuck beef , fuck hate 
*Great song but man he dissed some great rappers. Mobb deep and biggie are awesome.
*Közlöm veletek, hogy ő a király
*Confira este vídeo no YouTube:
*2Pac... nuff said (yes he dissed ALOT lol)
*Master of Pain [999]
*2Pac Best songs !!!
*the best rap
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Uploaded By : joblowhobo

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