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Indore dhamaka sex video of indore college student

Published on Thursday, 23rd of December, 2004      151483 Reads

Bhopal, December 24
By Our Bollywood Reporter
   Ms Neha Sharma
   M.Sc., LLB
   Freelance Writer
Following sex scandles of Kareena - Shahid Kiss, SMS Sex case, Trisha Shower scenes here comes one more mind blowing epoisode of Sex CD case. And this time it is happening in Bhopal, Capital of India.
The CD is named Indore Dhamaka and is shot on a famous indore college girl. The producers of CD claim it to be an act where they made this girl drink wine and took her to a hotel room and recorded sexual acts of her with her Boyfriend. Her boyfriend is reported to be named "SANJU".   The scene starts with a Birthday Party of 18-19 year old girl in a hotel, then she partys with her Boyfriend and they get into sex in private room of hotel. The girls seems to be aware of the recording as she often points to camera and acts as professional. The girl is suppose to be student of very reputed college of Indore.   Adarsh Katiyar, SP of Indore says a case has been registered under section 292 and investigations are on.   Mr Pavan Shrivastav, Supritendent of Police, Bhopal acted very quickly on this news and raided lot of CD shops in New Market area of Bhopal. No CDs were found.   However this CD is on Sale for 400 Rs. and is popular among college students. Indore Dhamaka stayed hot topic for every students in college today.   Neha Sharma   Please rate my article and send it to friend by using send to friend links on Right side.
Thanks   Submitted By : Ms. Neha Sharma
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