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Mallika sherawat its me in the porn clips

Published on Friday, 15th of July, 2005      976180 Reads

Mumbai, July 15 By Our Bollywood Reporter   Ms Divya Chawla Actress Mallika Sherawat is no stranger to the limelight, good or bad. After the graphic MMS video clip of a sex act between a foreigner and Mallika sherawat lookalike began doing the rounds on mobile phones,
The actress, who has boldly proclaimed that there’s nothing wrong with being .......
Mallika Sherawat : Its me in the Porn Clips today ,Tomorrow it could be anybody
“It’s not me. Somebody is behind this for sure. And it’s a menacing act. This harms my dignity, my reputation and my name. Today it’s me, tomorrow it could be anybody. Because I am innocent, I didn’t want to keep quiet and went and lodged complaints with the concerned authorities.”

The actress isn’t bothered about the source of the six-minute long triple-X MMS clip. “I heard the picture is perfectly colour co-ordinated and well toned.

My face has been placed on someone else’s body. It’s a...

...classic case of technology abuse. I’ve come here to work, and at this traumatic time, I want people to stand by me and support me. I am a girl, just like anybody. It’s sad that some pervert is having fun at the cost of someone’s honour and dignity. And instead of supporting a girl in distress, some are making a tamasha out of it,” fumes the forthright actor.

Click here to see Mallika Sherawat MMS Porn Clips Photo Gallery
She’s been reaching out to her family for support. “I need to reach out to them when I am low. They are very hurt. My mother tells me to ignore all of this and concentrate on my work. She says the bad phase will pass over. I’d like to believe her. They have faith in me,” she says.

About whether this could all be a publicity stunt as her detractors claim, she retorts, “Oh God! Not again. I think I will ignore it this time. I have always been honest and forthright about my feelings, maybe that’s why I attract attention.”

Hypothetically speaking, if the picture really did depict her engaged in a sexual act with someone, what would she have done?

Mallika refuses to consider it. “Let’s not get into that territory. At this...

... point, whatever I say could be misconstrued,” she says.

She concludes, “Today it’s me, tomorrow, it could be your daughter, sister or wife. We have to find a way to fight this menace. A girl’s dignity is everything to her.”

What if it were to happen to you...

  Mini Mathur
“It is dangerous when you take intensely personal pictures of yourself with your phone and if the pictures get stolen, a part of you goes into cyber space or wherever.”

Katrina Kaif
“I can’t really relate to such things. I don’t own an MMS phone. And whenever anybody approaches me to take pictures with their phones, I do not allow it.”

Anchal Kumar
“It depends on how you carry yourself. If you act like a fool, you’re bound to get into trouble.”

Madhur Bhandarkar
“You are helpless if people are filming you or taking pictures. The invasion of privacy is not restricted only to celebs but people in general.”

Milind Soman
“ I do not care about these MMS scandals. I have done enough nude modelling for anyone to want more.”

Aryan Vaid
“MMS is just a means of entertainment but if you are videotaped without your knowledge, it is an invasion of privacy. Make sure that you are not recorded, while in the act.”   Divya Chawla
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