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Sameera reddy naked truth about indian women

Published on Saturday, 16th of April, 2005      177986 Reads

Mumbai, April 16
By Our Bollywood Reporter   Ms Divya Chawla "Look, it varies from woman to woman. While some get sexually excited watching naked men, it doesn't work for me. I was curious about the male anatomy when I was young and thought it was the most erotic thing in the world. But now I am mature enough to control my emotions. In fact women by and large are better at keeping themselves in check than men ever can. However if the sight of an unclothed body turns a woman on, well, that's perfectly natural," says sultry screen siren Sameera Reddy. Ramp scorcher Joey Matthews also thinks it's fun gawking at nude dudes. According to her: "It's all about how you portray nudity. If presented tastefully, who wouldn't like to watch a naked body - be it man or woman. Unfortunately in India, men are often made to look cheap and this lessens their appeal. I have myself seen pictures of naked men and found them to be fabulous." Not everyone agrees with these bindaas babes. "Hey, what's the big deal? Men are just ugly bodies; they have nothing remotely interesting to offer. But yes, it's fun watching male strippers when I am with my girlie gang," says model-turned-emcee Mehar Bhasin. Noted Delhi psychologist Dr Premlata Chawla believes she can explain the Indian woman's love-hate relationship with male nudity. "Strange as it sounds, a girl's sexual appetite is not fulfilled by ogling at a man's naked body. She is likely to be more aroused when her own body is caressed. "But women do like seeing men strip down, if only for fun. However not many in India are willing to admit it because we live in a patriarchal society. People are sure to cast aspersions upon any woman who is bold enough to talk about her sexual preferences," she says.

Divya Chawla
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