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Bollywood sexy actress in porn mms video clips

Published on Sunday, 17th of July, 2005      17612 Reads

Mumbai, July 17 By Our Bollywood Reporter   Ms Divya Chawla Enamoured by Bollywood, the rural territories of India buy into anything that has a Bollywood personality attached to it. As a result a large number of look-alikes or body doubles (of actresses) are used — for a meager amount — to create porn flicks and MMS clips.

After the recent Mallika Sherawat MMS clip that’s been doing the rounds, there’s a new video of actress Manisha Koirala in compromising positions. Here’s a look at how’s it done.

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Are they real or look- alikes?

According to exclusive information acquired by Sunday Mid Day, the video clip has been re-constructed for an X-rated international ad commercial for sex enhancing tablets. The performer resembles Koirala, and is actually a small-time look -alike and model based in south Asia. She has previously performed in several low-budget Bollywood shows in the rural parts of India posing as Koirala.

Sunday Mid Day got in touch with her through a source who organises such events.

A telephonic conference conversation with Ruksana, Koirala’s look-alike reveals, “I have shot several advertisements for local beers, gutka, pan masala and lingerie posing as Koirala. I also did a sex enhancing herbal tablet video for an international campaign, which included several compromising scenes with a Jamaican and Russian model. I received several compliments for my look in that ad. Apparently some of the post- productions guys noticed my similarity to Koirala and flashed the unedited shots on the Internet and MMS,” stated Ruksana.

She is currently working in B grade films in south Asian countries and is known as Maniya.

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Demand for clips and videos

Speaking to Sunday Mid Day, Krishna Vyas (name changed to protect identity) a C-grade director and coordinator for X-rated films reveals “We have demands from the rural sectors for such porn films with either Bollywood stars or their look-alikes. Clips of Bollywood actresses in compromising positions are in great demand. Forty per cent of them are morphed but the rest are reconstructions using body-doubles or look-alikes. They take Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000 per clip, which lasts around eight to nine minutes. These clips are ideally shot on DVC cameras and then transferred on to VCD’s or other film formats and then inserted into private video parlours in rural territories. Either that, or they are forwarded to the net or cell phones,” says Vyas. Where are these clips shot?

“It solely depends on the budget of the producer. Sometimes these clips are shot in posh bungalows or hotel rooms, which have a foreign feel to them or sometimes they are shot during outdoor location hunts,” adds Vyas.

“Once we had a small budget show on a small island near Maldives. The local Indian businessmen wanted some Bollywood item girls to perform privately for them. I took three look-alikes along with the troupe. They compromised and even got their X-rated performance clips shot by the organisers’ cameras. For fun, these videos are then forwarded as MMS clips or email attachments. They unnecessarily get sensationalised in the glamour world,” claims Vyas.

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The look-alikes speak

One of the look-alikes Sunday Mid Day spoke to says she refuses to indulge in compromising scenes in front of the camera. “We do expose but under certain limitations, I have done two short films but they are C -grade ones and haven’t been released yet,” says Shweta (name changed to protect identity), a look-alike of Shefali Zariwala.

Even Ashu, a look-alike of Aishwarya Rai and Sneha Ullhal, who recently completed a C-grade movie Main Bana Chahati Hoon Aishwarya, told Sunday Mid Day, “I hail from an orthodox family. I only sign a script if I know there are no vulgar acts in it. Modesty still remains in the industry.” Ashu stars opposite Arif Khan, a look-alike of Anil Kapoor in the film. How do you find a look alike?

“There are a number of coordinating agencies, which promote C-grade girls. Forty per cent of them just adopt the look and style of the actors. Most resemble an actor or actress only in certain angles. Frankly, if the face resembles the actor, then we leave it to the cameraman to take the best shot,” adds Mohd Rafiq (name changed to protect identity) who runs an agency in the western suburbs.

 “We have look-alikes of Mallika Sherawat, Bipasha Basu, Shefali Zariwala and Ashwariya Rai, etc. If you want a look-alike we can get one within 48 hours,” concluded Rafiq confidently.   Divya Chawla
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