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Sexy sania mirza latest porn mms

Published on Tuesday, 26th of July, 2005      540561 Reads

Mumbai, July 26 By Our Bollywood Reporter Ms Divya Chawla Fake is better than real: Lolly-popped!   Do you know that Sania Mirza is a porn star? No, we don’t mean Sania the tennis star, we are talking about her look-alike who is doing the rounds on mobile phones as the latest porn MMS.

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It all started with ‘teen’ heart throbs Kapoor and Kapur locking lips in some up-market Mumbai hot spot. Next was an alleged Riya Sen-Ashmit Patel MMS. And the latest in the world of MMS as we just told you are clips of Sania Mirza, Yana Gupta and Negar Khan (Ok, now this last name is not that a big surprise, but whatever!). And as we have found out - with the Mallika Sherawat MMS, - these 'celebrities' are actually fake.   They are look alikes who've suddenly been thrust into the limelight and are probably making the most of their 15 mintues of fame (or notoriety). It seems as if some real hard work is going into these MMSs. To actually come up with a Sania Mirza look alike and then leak the darned thing sure is a tough task.
    Divya Chawla
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Sania Mirza
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