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Neha dhupia is more naked in sheesha

Published on Saturday, 12th of February, 2005      79560 Reads

By Our Bollywood Reporter Ms Neha Sharma,  M.Sc., LLB ( Freelance Writer)
Neha Dhupia's quip about the saleability of Shahrukh Khan and sex became the most quotable quote of last year, especially when she made a success of Julie with generous displays of her naked back arrayed in pink satin sheets. She returns in Sheesha, to bare much, much more: now is the time to see whether bouncy breasts added to her earlier repertoire make the cut. Click here to watch Sheesha Movie Stills The director takes no chances on that count: for the price of one ticket, we get two of the same. Twin sisters, good Sia and bad Ria (Neha in a double role) are in love with the same guy, Raj (Sonu Sood). The threesome frolics on the beaches of Pattaya, and in pretty outhouses in Bangkok, and as things progress, they shed inhibitions and clothes and we get a story entangled in toned bods, mouths, tongues, stopping just short of a graphic exchange of bodily fluids. Click here to watch Sheesha Movie Stills The trouble with such unabashed skin flicks as Sheesha, and the people who are part of the show, is that they have to keep racketing up the excitement. Once the Dhupia babe appears in string bikinis and lacy ponchos, you've seen pretty much what she has. What next? Strings which get stringier? Cracks and crotches? One fears for the Dhupias and her ilk, who believe that unstinted exposure will lead them to greater box office glory. The body can only be revealed so much, and then it all gets deadly, deathly dull. Neha Sharma   Please rate my article and send it to friend by using send to friend links on Right side.
Thanks   Submitted By : Ms. Neha Sharma
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