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Mr 100 bollywood sleazy sex movie

Published on Tuesday, 21st of February, 2006      5627 Reads

Mumbai, February 22 By Our Bollywood Reporter   Ms Divya Chawla Another Dose Of Sleaze Awaits Filmgoers This Friday With Editor-turned-director Omprakash Makkar's Directorial Debut "mr.100% - The Real Player" Starring Aryan Vaid And Mahima Choudhary..   The film revolves around a gigolo Rajesh (Aryan) and his wife (Mahima Choudhary), who is ignorant about his profession.  
Click Here For Mr 100 % Movie Stills   From childhood, he is shown as being sexually exploited, even by his teachers. Eventually, with the help of an experienced gigolo, played by Irrfan Khan, he enters this profession. He is so good at his job that that people start calling him Mr. 100%.
He meets Payal Rohatgi, who owns an ad agency and tries to get him out of his profession but finally falls for him.   Things go haywire when his wife learns about what he does and Irrfan Khan is diagnosed with AIDS.   Just what is an actor like Irrfan Khan doing in this sex film! And as far as Mahima is concerned, she has clearly been reduced to C grade movies like this one.   Another dose of sex and sleaze is the last thing audiences need.
Bollywood Hot Movies And Masala Clips Divya Chawla
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