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Bhumika chawla punjabi girl dares take risk interview

Published on Wednesday, 17th of November, 2004      5145 Reads

click for larger view The Punjabi girl Bhumika Chawla entered the glamour world through south Indian cinema. After making a mark there she registered her name as a Bollywood actress through Tere Naam. Her simple and sober role in this film caught the attention of the audience. She was also nominated for some awards because of her performance in this film. But Salman Khan was widely publicized for the success of Tere Naam while everybody was talking about Bhumika. After this film she also made her mark in the industry through Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha and Run. She showed the courage to act opposite Abhishek in Run while most of the established actresses of the industry had denied that offer.

Excerpts of Interview with her:

How did you join films?

It happened by chance. I had gone to Mumbai to visit my cousin in summer vacation. There I took part in a beauty contest and won it too luckily. Then I got some ad films followed by a Telugu film Yuvakadu. This film did not do very well but my work was noticed. After this my two films titled Khusi and Badri became super hits. Thus I was considered among one of the superstars in south.

How did you get Tere Naam?

click for larger view Boni Kapoor was making the remake of Khusi. In the original south film I had played the role of its heroine. Bony Kapoors friend Satish Kaushik saw that film and liked my work. Before this I had also worked in some ad films with the producer of Tere Naam, Sunil Manchanda. So he gave me the offer of Tere Naam, which was a remake of south film Serthu. I had seen the role of the heroine in that film. So I accepted the offer.

Didnt you risk your career with a simple role while others are running after bold and glamorous roles?

In Tere Naam I got a very good chance to perform. One doesnt usually get such a chance. I was looking for such a role to start my career in which there would be enormous chance to perform and everybody can notice my work. This happened in Tere Naam.

Do you hesitate in performing glamorous roles?

click for larger view I have no hesitation in doing glamorous roles. I want to perform roles where I could exhibit all aspects of my acting. I want to perform a glamorous role like that of Urmila in Rangeela. I have already played such a role in Telugu film Misamma which was a hit in south.

Did you feel bad when Salman Khan was given credit for success of Tere Naam?

click for larger view It is true that I was not given due importance in the publicity of Tere Naam. But I was given some. One thing is essential that one has to act well. If you have performed well then people would definitely notice you.

How have you no other film after the success of Tere Naam?

click for larger view Success does not mean that one accepts offer of any kind of films. I would not sign those films, which do not have stories of my liking. I believe that even if one does four films in a year, one is successful. So far as Tere Naam is concerned I got a different identity in the industry after this film and also my name was nominated for some awards.

Didnt you take risk by signing Run opposite Abhishek Bachchan though big stars rejected it?

I admit that before Run Abhishek was considered a flop actor. But today he has become a successful one. Run and Yuva like films have brought him glory. I enjoyed working with Abhishek. He is much more humorous than what he looks like. He is a very good actor.

Why did you accept second lead role in Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha?

It is better to remain silent about such things rather than commenting on them. I would not say anything about it.

After getting certain position in Bollywood would you continue with south Indian cinema?

Even today I am getting offers from the south. But I give priority to those offers that provide me strong roles.
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