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Amrita rao sex and the single actress

Published on Tuesday, 23rd of November, 2004      18253 Reads

In an industry swaying to ‘sexy’ tunes, with Bipasha, Mallika and Neha on the rampage; a pretty, petite Amrita Rao is holding her own against the storm troopers – with her basket of big films, unbeatable hits and an ethics-roster of very strict rules. While the hot new brigade of gals is all ready to bare their B & B (we mean beauty, brains and ...), Ms. Rao ‘righteously’ evades these body-bare tactics. Yet, in a modern industry where skin-show rules the roost and a ‘sex-symbol’ tag denotes an actress’ B.O popularity, Amrita has decided to play it with a ‘straight’ bat. No lip-locking scenes, no boyfriends to boast of and no sexy jism scenes for this lass, yet she keeps striking gold. And we want to know why, how ...? In a no-hold-bared tête-à-tête, Amrita tells us about the art of survival in an industry of sex and the single actress ...

You have the charm of an old-world actress about you. How will you use it to combat the sexy brigade?

“I take that as a huge compliment. I think ultimately your performance lasts, and not your hot body. I better put my acting to some good use - that’s the only thing that will take me a long way. Flaunting the body has only momentary appeal.”

“If I can look hot without exposing, what’s the need to go that far?”

Ever since Mallika Sherawat came on the scene, every actress today is almost compelled to show skin. What is your opinion on this?

“Honestly, everybody has their own prerogatives - some things might suit them fine, but it doesn’t appeal to my sensibilities. I have nothing against them, and I am no one to pass a verdict on this. If they think they can get far with it, then good for them! It’s not my route, that’s it.”

One of the main tasks for an actress is to look glamorous – where will you draw the line?

“To begin with, I am very particular about the clothes I wear, as I am aware that outfits play a big role in making you look hot. And kissing scenes are a big no-no for me - that’s one thing I will not do!”

“I think my work will get me more work at the end of the day, not so much my PR activities.”

Most actresses say that they will go that extra bit if the role demands it; for instance, ‘Julie’ required Neha Dhupia to bare. Would you stretch your limits for a role?

“If such a thing is required, I will not do the film in the first place. Usually directors don’t force you; it all depends on how good your rapport is with the filmmaker. If they’re convinced that your performance is strong enough, then they won’t ask you to expose or kiss to pull in the crowd.”

Today even top-notch actresses like Kareena and Aishwarya are nonchalant about an on-screen kiss. Would you lock lips with a co-star with whom you’re very comfortable?

“I don’t think so. I could be very comfortable, but the world doesn’t know that. For they will turn around and say – “Oh My can she be doing that!”

Yesteryears actresses were discreet about their love lives; today the younger girls are unabashed about showing off their boyfriends. Do you have a man in your life? If you do, would you flaunt him?

“Frankly, I don’t have a boyfriend. Even if I did, I don’t see the need to flaunt my boyfriend. It simply gets blown out of proportion. I know, being a celebrity, it comes along as a package; that’s the reason I would be more guarded about it. I wouldn’t want the whole of tinseltown know about my private life.”

How is it that you are cut off from the social circuit? You are spotted only in the studios. Don’t you think it’s a drawback in this industry, where networking is so important? “You’re right, sometimes even think I need to improve my communication skills and maybe hang around more with friends and industry people. But I am very homely, not the partying type at all; moreover, I think my work will get me more work at the end of the day, not so much my PR activities.”

Every actress has a role model. Who is yours?

“I’ve been always inspired by young achievers - they might not have achieved milestones, yet in their own way, and with their own drive, they’ve reached far. From the industry, I admire Aishwarya and Sushmita.”

How difficult is it for a girl without a godfather in this industry to make it without being propositioned?

“It’s very difficult if you don’t have a godfather in the industry. I think in our country the only three mediums through which you can be spotted are in an ad film (like I was spotted), a music video, or you have to be a beauty pageant winner. Apart from that, for a girl who is not a starlet, it’s very difficult. I have been fortunate that I got an opportunity to prove my talent early in my career, which is something many don’t get a chance to do in this place.”

What does the term ‘sexy’ mean to you? “Sexy does mean looking hot, but does not mean wearing revealing clothes, or showing skin. In ‘Main Hoon Na’, Sanjana (the character I played) was fully clothed, yet everyone though she was sexy. Even a smile can be sexy. It’s not only the body, you know! If I can look hot without exposing, what’s the need to go that far?”

Actresses like Sridevi and Madhuri were momma’s girls; their mothers accompanied them almost everywhere. The newer generation - like Kareena, Preity, Ash, Esha - are mostly seen on their own. You, on the other hand, are always spotted with your mom. Is it a protective measure, or is mommy’s girl still growing up?

“I started off at a young age - from the first day of my audition, to meeting the first filmmaker and signing up, going to my first mom was an integral part of everything. It’s not a protective measure, but she’s my emotional support. I don’t care if people think that a grown up girl is always seen with her mom, I like it that way and I want it that way.”
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Amrita Rao
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