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Lesbianism in pakistan and sexy lollywood actresses

Published on Sunday, 5th of June, 2005      124061 Reads

Is lesbianism coming out of the closet in Pakistan? Sources are pointing out that Loollywood is experiencing unprecedented levels of lesbian preferences. Some disagree and say these reports are all hoax. It represents liberation of sexual preference of women say some experts. In a bizarre report from media, at one of the colleges in Lahore, two college girls were caught half-naked in a washroom in an unconscious state after they had lesbian sex. They had reportedly taken pills before having sex, and later fainted. A fellow student at the college found the two girls in a compromising situation after which she raised alarm and informed the college authorities, the Daily Times reported today. Both the girls were taken to the college ground, and later the college principal contacted the girls'' parents and handed over the girls to them. The two girls had been earlier warned against their lesbian acts after one of the college teachers had found them hugging and kissing passionately inside college premises, the paper added Report : India Daily I Am rashid from pakistan and recently I watched mrs. Bhat's movie NAZAR in which most notorious woman Meera performed. In pakistan we call her "call girl meera". Her acting in nazar failed and I say plz mrs. Soni razdan don't be disappointed because u have still more chances to direct your husband production coming up. I Want to say this indian family have no moral etics they always creates Vulgarity in their movies. Mr.bhat plz shame on u that u produed Vulgar movies under ur daughter's direction .I know in indian homes no gentleman and woman can watch their movies because they are not able for this. We in pakistan almost dislike meera and other Vulgar actresses and I think they have no place in our country. So soni razdan plz go for sleep because you are totally failed in movie direction and review your daughter and husband's character. Thanks to ms.divya chawla I really like ur reporting about such topics.   Views by Bollywood Sargam Visitor Rashid from Pakistan ( [email protected] )     Watch Pakistani Lollywood Actresses Photos Album: Lollywood Pakistani Actresses Hot Wallpapers

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