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Sexy models topless fashion show

Published on Wednesday, 29th of June, 2005      22717 Reads

Mumbai, June 29 By Our Bollywood Reporter   Ms Divya Chawla Feminists across the world allege there's a strong gender-bias in how society chooses to deal with nudity. For example while it is illegal in many countries for women to go topless, the same doesn't law doesn't apply to men. But do women in India agree? Read on to find out "I think in lot of ways women have been commodified and used as mere objects of admiration. Indians have become prudish in their outlook towards women. They are looked down upon. In 90 per cent ads, a female body is used to promote something, to sell something. A woman's sex appeal is so strong that it can influence the minds of people. On the other hand, the male body does not fall in the same category. So, in that respect yes, nudity is gender-biased. After all woman power rules!" says writer-publisher and social activist Urvashi Butalia.
Click here to see Naked Fashion Show Photo Gallery Men are however not much better off in the nudity stakes, argues well-known author Shobhaa Dé. According to her: "I don't agree that nudity is female-biased. People who think only women expose are sadly mistaken. Look at men stripping in lounge bars and now in movies and advertisements too. So, it's not as if the male body is unfamiliar to the public. It's just that people like watching women more than men. As far nudity in Indian society is concerned, I think we have become more open about it now. See the kind of movies that are coming in and also the pace at which people have started exposing; it clearly indicates how comfortable they have become with their bodies. I don't think it's vulgar at all. At least whatever is being done, whether in remix videos, movies or ads, people are bold enough to accept it! Also, who is there to pass value judgments? Although Indians love nudity from the bottom of their hearts, the problem with us is that lot of hypocrisy is still running in our veins. We need to come out and I think this will happen gradually. But to see the positive side of it, I personally believe nudity in earlier days used to be more vulgar and suggestive. For example, married women used to cover themselves from head to toe and still their behaviour and gestures used to be so odd! I would term this as cheap rather than what's happening today." Agrees Meenkashi Thapan, Head of Sociology department in the University of Delhi. "Nudity is deep rooted in our culture and I don't it has become gender-biased. If women are stripped in lingerie ads, so are men are in underwear campaigns. In fact the female body is projected in a much more coy manner. So women are not the only targets. Also, one has to see the demand of the situation. I believe nudity is a class thing and is linked to one's self esteem. Nudity, whether male or female, is something to be desired and appreciated," she says.
Click here to see Naked Fashion Show Photo Gallery
For actress-turned social worker Nafisa Ali, there's simply no better creation than a woman. "Female body is definitely better to look at. So, now if you want to say nudity is gender-biased then so be it! Who wants to look at men? They are so vulgar when naked! Nudity is part of our everyday life and it has given us huge complexes in the sense that we are caught up most of the time in deciding what's right and what's wrong? Also, when presenting something on a subject like nudity it is very important to be creative without being obscene. That is how nudity can become accepted," she insists. Click Here To See Fashion Shows Models Sexy Stills Lakme India Fashion Show
Rio Fashion Show Hot Models Cat walk
Russia Fashion Show Greece Fashion Show   Divya Chawla
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