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Mujra dancers saima khan mahnoor and nida in limelight

Published on Tuesday, 25th of December, 2007      148963 Reads

Mujra dancers of Pakistan are becoming very famous on Youtube. Youtube is a free online community to share videos. These dancers are becoming very popular among Mujra Fans. Mujra Mujra is an erotic dance famous in red light districts in Pakistan including in Lahore, Multan, Hyderabad and Karachi. Origins When the Mughals took control of India, they had many of the original Hindu storytellers of the region of Rajasthan, India, brought into the courts as entertainers. In the courts, because stories from Hindu mythology were not of interest to the Mughal rulers, what was once the dance Kathak became infused with fast spinning, swift movements, and graceful hand gestures of Persian influence - the birth of mujra. After the mainstay of Mughal emperors died away, the mujra dance was performed in separate kothas (buildings) by dancers called Tawaif for audiences made up of mostly upper class young men. These dancers were labeled "whores" after the British colonial Anti-Nautch (anti-dance) movement left many from these dancing families at the feet of prostitution, and this is the pervasive sentiment attached to the mujra even today. Motions Mujra is a part of classical Kathak. Although many believe that (sort of true too) this is the variation of kathak that bears suggestive connotations, most Kathak artistes perform the Mujra quite gracefully and in a dignified manner. The dances that you see in the films Umrao Jaan and Pakeezah are examples of mujras. Many prostitutes dance the mujra and hence the suggestive side. But in pure kathak, it is performed without the suggestive side. Famous Dancers If a Mujra dancer has alot of talent than she will become known by the enthusiasts in her mohalla (district), eventually the message will be passed around among the Mujra community and more and more people will go to watch her shows, giving her more credibility. Also now with the launch of the internet many dancer have gained fame online. Many notable dancers include, Saima Khan, Mahnoor and Nida. Mujra Searches on Youtube Mujra Saima Khan Mahnoor
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