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Ashmit patel riya sen video shows them kissing and in sex acts

Published on Wednesday, 18th of May, 2005      97686 Reads

Mumbai, May 19, 2005
By Our Bollywood Visitor Mr Rahul Singh Riya Sen Ashmit Patel Sex Shocks Bollywood Hi All, I wrote on anara Gupta as how she did the video and how it affected our indian society. Today i want to talk about Riya Sen and Ashmit Patel dirty sex act. Ashmit patel for me was a very nice sober actor. He was noticed in Murder even when Emraan Hashmi stole the show. But i could not beleive it when i saw him moving hands over Riya sen and making her naked and taking it's video by himself. In DPS case it was a horny indian boy doing it, It can be a small incident, But when such reputed people like Ashmit Patel does it, It's a shame for him and for the Film Industry. Click here to watch Video clips fo Ashmit Patel and Riya Sen sex video Riya sen too is not a kid. She has lived in Bollywood. She knows how much dirt is around her. How can she allow Ashmit Patel to let her take Video when making love and allmost naked. This is shame for her and for her fans. I used to admire her so much for her innocent looks. But now when i saw her like a Porn Queen, I really no longer respect her. I also feel all woman should unite against Ashmit Patel and Boycott his movies. Please pass my message to your friends and ask them to boycott Ashmit Patel for disrespecting Riya Sen and her personal life. Please friends copy my message and send to your friend and tell Ashmit patel that he cannot be spared. He has to respect woman and say sorry to Riya Sen and to her Fans. Thanks Rahul Singh news Follows The camera phone strikes again. First Shahid and Kareena’s liplock, now hitList has a mobile phone video of Ashmit Patel and (apparently) Riya Sen in a make-out session.

There’s been speculation on Ashmit’s relationship with Riya and also rumours of a split.

While the couple has not spoken of their association, the clip speaks for itself. It came to us from a source in the US. While the man in the video is very clearly Ashmit, the girl has us confused.

She does have a striking resemblance to Riya Sen, but for most of the video her face isn’t clearly visible.

There’s only one segment in the entire clip where the girl is without doubt Riya Sen, but then again, we have a niggling doubt that her face might have been morphed.

Is this Riya? Another shot from the video The clip has undoubtedly been shot with the pair’s knowledge.

In fact, it looks as though Ashmit has shot it. In the clip, the girl presumed to be Riya is talking to him as he is shooting her, and then the clip gets extremely graphic.

In many ways, it is similar to the Pamela Anderson-Tommy Lee private video that made waves some years ago. Most people would describe it as pornographic.

A major part of the clipping shows the girl being shot and there is a lot of nudity. As the film progresses, Ashmit comes into the picture and the couple smooch. The actor is fully dressed in the video.

There are rumours circulating that Ashmit may have leaked the clipping.

Kiss LIFE: Ashmit Patel with Riya Sen Lip-Locked When we called the actor for his version, he said, “How can I do that and ruin my own career? Releasing such a video would get me in a lot of trouble.”

While refusing to comment on whether he shot the video, Ashmit says he is aware that such a video exists. “I have been getting calls about this. I don’t know where it (the clipping) has come from.

All I can say is that they are doctored. Someone is playing a sick prank and trying to ruin our careers.”

On being asked if he and Riya are still friends, Ashmit said, “We keep meeting each other on the sets. We are doing a film together. Besides that, I don’t want to say anything.”

We called Riya Sen for her version, she said she would call us back, but didn’t. Please rate this article and send it to friend by using send to friend links on Right side. You can also submit your news or articles in various categories. Guidelines for News Submission Your article should have quality content, more than 500 words and written as a hobby All articles submitted should have author name, email and short information on writer. It should be on latest Bollywood or India News, Rumor or Social Message to society You can submit related links and photo urls with article You can also email your articles to info(AT) We reserve the right to accept or deny any article from publishing on this
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Ashmit Patel
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