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Meghna naidu horrible sex and too much skin show

Published on Monday, 13th of June, 2005      23079 Reads

Mumbai, June 13 By Our Bollywood Reporter   Ms Divya Chawla MEGHNA NAIDU is not apologetic about her sexy image but admits that the phase of sexy films is over. She is looking forward to 'Jackpot' and her other releases where she is playing varied characters.

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Tell us about your character in 'Jackpot'
I play Gauri, married to Himanshu. Our marriage falls apart owing to his craze for money. He is playing a Gujju in the film. Our friends are trying to get us back together again. So we go for a sort of honeymoon to a friend's bungalow on a hill station. We find a bag of money with a dead body. I want my husband and am not interested in the money at all. But being a typical Gujju, he craves for it and would do anything for it. That's the main reason why our marriage falls apart. He ends up making more and more money at the cost of spending time with her.   Is there an extra-marital angle to it?
The bored rich housewife sort! No, no. It's a very clean story about a married couple and what happens in their life over a period of 48 hours.   What are you doing in 'Rain'?
I am playing a blind woman in the film. It's a psycho-thriller. Himanshu and I are again paired together in the film. The audience is going to hate Himanshu in it and sympathize with me.   How does it feel to be associated with sex and skin show films?
Frankly speaking the phase of those kinds of films is over. 'Classic-The Dance Of Love' had nothing to do with sex. There were a few hot numbers and romantic scenes but the producers felt that using those scenes was the best way to promote and sell the film. So far, I have completed six films in which you will see me in different characters. People are bound to get bored watching me doing the same kind of stuff in all my films. It is time for performance-oriented films now.  
Click here to see Rain Movie Photo Gallery Were you worried about acquiring a sexy image with 'Hawas'?
Yes, I knew I was taking a risk with that film. I knew it would give me a 'sexy image'. But I also know that I can prove myself as a good actress despite being sexy. Now I am trying to do better films.   For long can I be sexy?
People also feel that your packaging is all wrong. You have a nice face but are overweight!
I did 'Hawas' and 'Classic' when I was overweight. That was the time when I had not planned on doing films. I got these offers and just took them up. But it's ok. People learn from their mistakes. I've learnt a lot. I have lost weight since then. Now I am much fitter. I'd never thought of acting earlier but am loving it now. If not films, television is always there for an actor.   
Click here to see Mashooka Movie Photo Gallery   But don't you think that with so much competition around you are not given a second chance today?
What really works in this industry is 90% luck and 10% hard work. I might do the best films and still have flops if I'm unlucky. I've left everything to destiny and God. There are so many good looking and hardworking girls and guys in the industry who are working with the best directors and have the best of roles. But they still haven't delivered hits. It's just a matter of time.   What do you think went wrong with 'Hawas' considering it was pitted against 'Murder' that went on to become a hit?
'Murder' had the right packaging, it was MAhesh Bhatt's film. The songs were great, and it was promoted in a big way. 'Hawas' was not marketed properly at all. It felt bad especially because it was my debut film.
Click here to see Classic Dance Of Love Movie Photo Gallery   How do you look at Mallika Sherawat and Bipasha Basu who are considered as sex symbols?
I think they are good at whatever they are doing.  I realy admire Bipasha for getting out of her sex symbol image and doing more substantial kind of films. Mallika has really gone places. There is no sense of competition with them. I have never met them but really wish them best of luck.    What's happening in your personal life?
I'm completely hooked and booked. I'm seeing Rajesh Shetty since the past two years. We are planning to get married in a couple of years. I don't plan to do films forever, maybe another couple of years.
  Divya Chawla
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Meghna Naidu
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