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Sunny deol gave me tips on bodybuilding

Published on Friday, 10th of December, 2004      4356 Reads

How's this for catching them young -- a boy fresh out of college and a first year psychology student! Meet Yash Pandit, 25, and Manjari, 20, who star in Arindam Chaudhari's Rok Sako To Rok Lo.

Patcy N speaks to the new kids on the Bollywood block.

How did you get into movies?

Yash: I always wanted to get into films. I always dreamt of becoming an actor, and I tried working at it. That's why I am into films now.

Manjari: I came to know about the audition, came here and got selected.

Have you learned acting formally?

Yash: I have done an acting course at the Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting School and a little bit of theatre. I was an active theatre buff in my school and college days, and have attended Satyadev Dubey's workshops at Prithvi Theatre.

Manjari: I did an acting course with Ashish Ghuiyaar in Pune. My dad is in the army, so we kept on moving all the time. But for the last four years, we have been living in Pune.

Before Bollywood, what were you doing?

Yash: I finished my graduation and was busy preparing myself as an actor. I always follow my dream.

Manjari: I was a first year psychology student.

Did you always want to be an actor?

Manjari: Yes. In fact, in 2003, when Channel V's PopStars 2 happened, I was among the final four..

If not acting, what career would you have chosen?

Yash: I would want something to do with moviemaking, because there is no business like show business! I always loved watching films by great filmmakers like Vijay Anand, Nasir Hussain and Yash Chopra.

Manjari: I was on my way to becoming a psychologist!

ManjariDid you have to struggle a lot for your first break?

Manjari: No, touch wood! This is only my second audition. I had given my portfolio. My photographs were shortlisted, I was called for the audition. And I got selected!

What is Rok Sako To Rok Lo about?

Yash: It is a film about youngsters in high school and it deals with their lives and the strong bond of friendship.

The film is about Dev [the character he plays] and his first love and journey through high school. It lifts your spirits. The younger generation will get charged up when they watch the film. It's like an energy booster because they'll walk out of the theatres feeling like real heroes.

It has some elements similar to Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar but that was made 12 years ago. Both are high school stories. Rok Sako... has a marathon race in the end.

What was acting with Sunny Deol like?

Yash: It was a great pleasure because I have grown up on his films. I am a big movie buff. He was very nice, down to earth and friendly. He made me feel comfortable on the sets. I learnt a lot from him. He is a very mature actor.

Manjari: It was awesome! When he first came on the sets, I was very nervous. I was quiet then, like everyone else. But usually, we would play a lot of pranks. He was very sweet to us, and extremely cooperative.

Did you spend time together in between shots?

Yash: Of course. He gave me tips on bodybuilding! I regard him as an elder brother. He was kind, jovial and soft -- very different from his onscreen persona. He is a great guy!

Manjari: We didn't get to spend much time between shots. But of course we practised our scenes thoroughly.

Any exciting incidents while shooting the film?

Yash: I fell off a bike and injured my leg. But we continued filming the scene.

Manjari: These guys were playing pranks all the time! I was the centre of all their jokes. They'd take my cellphone away and read my messages!

I had no personal life, it was very irritating. But I was the youngest and the most pampered. Everyone treated me like a baby. I was staying away from my family for the first time but they never let me feel lonely. We were like a family.

Yash PanditWhich was the toughest scene to do?

Manjari: The rain sequence was the toughest. I was shooting the whole day with five-inch heels and suddenly, I heard there was another scene.

It required me to stand at the end of a crane on a tiny area with hardly any room to move. The crane was two-floors high in the air and I was supposed to smile!

It was like a seesaw and I was so scared! Everyone from below was laughing at me. But I finally did it!

What after Rok Sako…?

Yash: We're in a contract with Planman Productions. We're doing Faltu and Tu next.

Manjari: After that, let us see where life takes us. Right now, I don't think the industry knows me. Only after the film releases will we get offers.

What kind of roles would you like to do?

Manjari: I want to prove myself as a versatile actor, that's all.
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