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Published on Friday, 4th of November, 2005      223068 Reads

Mumbai, November 5 By Our Bollywood Reporter Ms Divya Chawla You can't keep Namitha away from hogging the headlines. Such is her dominance of the news line in Kollywood.   So, Diwali also saw Nams very much in the thick of action and news.   News first. The tiding is that cracker-makers had a roaring business this time around thanks to Namitha. Now you might ask, what is the connection between the glam gal and crackers?  
Click here to see Namitha Photo Gallery   Well, there is a link. The grapevine 'cracks' that crackers named after Nami sold like hot cakes during Diwali time in Tamil Nadu! Now, if that is not cracking stuff, what is?   The bosomy belle made news for another reason, too. Here is the story.   It is a known fact that Nami gets thousands of letters from her innumerable fans. One fan seems to have got carried by it all. He sent Namitha Madam a particularly offensive e-mail, which incurred the wrath of her and boyfriend, Kapoor.   So what did Namitha do? She simply asked the fawning fan to meet her in person. The guy fell into the nicely set trap. On arrival, the Gorkkha escorted the man with full 'respect' for Namitha darshan.   This is the operative part of the story. Once inside, Namitha and her beau reportedly gave him such a sound thrashing that the fellow literally ran for dear life! Battered and bruised, of course!   There was no way he could have lodged a complaint with the police either. After all, what he 'got' was what he asked for with his obscene e-mail!   So, Nams has sent the message loud and clear: fans, you are welcome, but don't try get too close!!   Now, with things like this happening to her, can you keep her off the news line? No, na?   Meanwhile, on the career front, Nams is on the march. As of now she has as many as six films in the kitty. The going rate is said to be one film a month.     Divya Chawla
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