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Mallika sherawat xxx legalise porn

Published on Wednesday, 13th of July, 2005      16084 Reads

Mumbai, July 13 By Our Bollywood Reporter   Ms Divya Chawla The word 'sex' on a popular Internet search engine elicits 180 million hits

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  Bertrand Russell believed that "nine-tenth of the appeal of pornography is due to the indecent feeling about sex which moralists inculcate in the young while one-tenth is psychological, occurring one way or the other, whatever the state of the law."

We believe that Bertrand Russell believed right. So here goes.... If society needs to tackle pornography, it needs to (a) stop saying 'Dirrty' each time it comes across the word 'pornography'. And (b) it needs to give up the 'XXX-rated' attitude towards what is fast becoming the largest industry in the world. What's more important, porn's becoming a legit industry in the advanced world while India still likes to let it linger under wraps with its schoolgirlish morals.

Our point? With four MMS (the school kids, Kareena-Shahid, Ashmit-Riya, Mallika Sherawat) and two videotape (Miss Jammu and Miss Shimla) controversies having already captured headlines in less than a year, an Internet spilling over with porn sites of semi-clad babes' bodies that have been morphed into Bollywood-Hollywood beauty queens -- you'll find them all -- Preity, Manisha, Aishwarya, Julia, Cameron, Britney -- and a growing grey market of blue films and clips in the heart of the Capital, is it time to legalise porn in India too?

"Yes," says Pavan Duggal, cyber law expert, "it's time to kick up a debate whether porn should be legalised or not." And why not? asks novelist Shobhaa De. "People all over the world have learnt to live with it; it's high time we Indians -- specially celebs -- need to do the same."

We asked some of our 'subjects' (potential) of morphed porn clips and films and they too felt it was time we 'grew up'. "As long as we do not intrude
on anyone's privacy, watching porn should have nothing to do with the law. I don't really care if one morphs my image on the Internet. Morphing is there to be enjoyed... that's it!" says Upen Patel, model.

Mallika can take recourse to the law to scuttle the controversial MMS currently doing the rounds. But isn't watching it, peddling it, already illegal? So what's the best she can do? IGNORE. Says Shobhaa De: "The Mallika issue will eventually play itself out. MMS and the morphing menace is a 21st century scourge. No amount of legislation can prevent it from happening." Aryan Vaid, actor, tells us he recently received an indecent proposal from a guy who had just seen his semi-nude picture on the Net. "Does that mean I should sue the caller or ignore it? Celebs need to learn to live with this problem because no matter how stringent the law is, we can never trace the morpher," he says.
Click here to see Mallika Sherawat Sex MMS Clips   The industry So, legalising porn makes economic sense. Consider this.The US porn industry churned out 11,000 titles last year. The industry also has its own studios. It is estimated that Americans spend around $10 billion a year on adult entertainment. Consumer demand is so strong that film companies are now making millions selling erotica to America. According to Paul Fishbein, president, Adult Video News, the industry's trade publication, there are over 800 million rentals of adult videotapes and DVDs in video stores in the US every year along with 200 adult entertainment companies.

The industry also has its own major stars, like Jenna Jameson. "This is kind of art for me. I'm entertaining the masses. I'm not doing it for the gratification of another man.It's like being Julia Roberts, but just one step further," she says in her autobiography. Every year, Every year, Comcast, the largest cable company in the US, pulls in $50 million from adult programming. Then there are the big hotel chains which offer adult films on in-room pay-per-view television systems. And they are purchased by a whopping 50% of their guests, accounting for nearly 70% of their in-room profits.

The final word

Porn is okay, says Alyque Padamsee, theatre and ad man. "Because India is the land of the erotic. Celeb porn is eroticised male and female fantasy. Nothing wrong with that. But we need to stop all forms of child pornography."

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XXX Legalese

'Whoever publishes or transmits or causes to be published in the electronic form any material which is lascivious or appeals to the prurient interest or if its effect is such as to tend of deprave or corrupt persons who are likely, having regard to all relevant circumstances, to read, see or hear the matter contained or embodied in it, shall be punished on first conviction with imprisonment of either description or a term which may extend to five years and with fine which may extend to one lakh rupees and in the event of a second or a subsequent conviction with imprisonment of either description of a term which may extent to 10 years and also with fine which may extend to 2 lakh rupees.
Section 67 of the IT Act, 2000 In the 1960s, Denmark legalized porn. For producers of sex films, everything is legal.

Glowing computer screens and super-fast broadband connections create tons of money for adult webmasters.

Special shipping rules are in place; Norway is a gold mine for live shows and paysites.

New Zealand
New Zealand has a healthy, vibrant and active sex industry. It is constantly changing to keep up with the times.

The only explicit, hard-core sexual material that is absolutely illegal by law in the US today is child pornography.

United Kingdom
Pornography as such is not illegal. It becomes so if and when it qualifies as being obscene according to the Obscene Publications Act 1959. The legal test of obscenity is the 'depravity and corruption' yardstick.

Change the law
"Law or no law, we have to live with morphing. If we have a 19th century law to deal with a 21st century issue, it won't be long before 'privacy' loses its place in the dictionary. The state will be powerless, the MMS menace is just the beginning."
  Divya Chawla
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Mallika Sherawat
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