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Where is govinda in mumbais hour of crisis

Published on Tuesday, 2nd of August, 2005      1422 Reads

Residents of this flood-soaked city are targeting their political representatives for eluding them in the hour of crisis and topping the list of politicians facing public ire is Bollywood star and MP Govinda. Govinda, who contested the general election as a Congress candidate from the north Mumbai constituency last year to make his debut in the Lok Sabha, has not toured any of the flood-affected area in his constituency till Tuesday noon. "When he was contesting the election last year, Govinda used to visit our area so many times. We thought he was one of us. But when we actually need him, he is nowhere to be seen," said Vikas Raut, an indignant Andheri suburb resident. "If he can make appearances on television sets and give his opinion about floods, why can't he visit us to see our plight. We are not getting power, food or water but he is least bothered now," added Raut, a real estate professional. Repeated attempts to reach Govinda to seek his comments proved futile. The residents of north Mumbai, the worst flood-affected area that accounted for most of the 425 deaths, came out on the streets to protest the actor's move to stay away from region despite massive devastation caused by the catastrophe. As a symbol of their anger against their elected representatives who failed them when needed most, the demonstrators carried pictures of many political leaders garlanded with shoes. Besides the popular actor, many other political outfits and leaders have come under severe public criticism for not responding to the needs of the marooned people. The fresh deluge following the torrential rains since Saturday night added to the misery of the city where the worst rains in 100 years last week claimed an incredible 350 lives in just two days. The toll now stands at about 425. Tens of thousands are homeless. Many low-lying mainly middle class areas like the northern suburbs of Andheri, Bandra, Borivili, Santa Cruz, Saki Naka, Sion and Goregaon - all of them thickly populated - continue to reel under a sea of floodwater. "Political leaders like Govinda are not MP as in member of parliament. They are master in politics...they know very well how to win elections," said Dilip Joshi, a public relations executive with a private firm. "And once they win, they don't bother to look back. I think one can now easily declare an award for anyone providing information about the whereabouts of our elected representative," added Joshi. Agreed grocery shop owner Rakesh Viadya. "These politicians will never understand our plight sitting in their plush air-conditioned apartments. "We should never expect much from politicians like Govinda, especially in these circumstances."
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