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Udita goswami ready to get naked than to kiss on screen

Published on Saturday, 4th of March, 2006      47680 Reads

We have 'Aksar' seen Udita Goswami locking lips onscreen but it is something which the leggy lass doesn't quite enjoy. She finds stripping easier than lip locking.

The actress finds shooting for smooch scenes in front of dozens of people really painful and awful. She also complains about her co-actors ignorance in the matters of hygiene.

Udita, who was a ramp model before acting in Bollywood films like Paap, Zeher and Aksar, reveals, "It's really painful to shoot smooch shots in front of dozens of people while shooting. What's irritating is the actor's stubble, which rubs with my skin when I touch him. This is the reason I finds a clean-shaven man much more kissable.

"I always use some good quality cream and after every shot, I apply it on my face and body parts for a soothing effect after such UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCE. It also protects me against any allergy on my skin.”

Talking about her latest film ‘Aksar’ Udita said it is true to her image. In fact, she disagreed with the fact that the film is not doing well.

"I don't believe that Aksar is not doing well at the box office. I am quite happy that I did this film because I got a very interesting character to play. It's all about sex and scandals and I am playing the lead role in the film," she said.

But Udita is now averse to doing mutli-starrers like ‘Zeher’ because: "While doing multi-starrer movies, there has always been a problem of getting equal share. It has happened with many other actors too. So, I am not keen on signing such projects.

"Even in case of a hit, you don't earn the credit you deserve. But, after the ‘Zeher’ fight, I decided to do films where there are less chances of clash for roles and shares. I would rather wait for a lead role than sign some big multi-starrer film in a hurry."Watch Udita Goswami photo gallery
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Udita Goswami
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