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Anara gupta vulgar sex turned to porn star

Published on Wednesday, 26th of October, 2005      32703 Reads

Mumbai, October 26 By Our Bollywood Reporter Ms Divya Chawla Former Jammu beauty queen Anara Gupta, who shot into the limelight with a porn video that allegedly featured her, is to reprise the trauma in a Bollywood film named after her.

"Anara is my story - a real story of a simple girl who got embroiled in a sex scandal that made her a social outcast. I have faced the brunt of the system beyond limits... It is now my turn to bring the truth before viewers," she said.

Anara, who recently signed the self-titled film with producer B R Ishara claimed the biopic would "expose the brutality and atrocities" faced by her.

  She alleged she was implicated in a false case by police who pressured her to accept involvement in the pornographic CD.

Focussing on her role in the movie, Anara said that she had left "that patch" of her life behind and the film would showcase "the real me".

"This is my first feature film and I hope that people would appreciate my role," told Anara.

Asked whether those allegedly involved in the case would face flak in her Bollywood debut, she said it "is targetted at the system and existing loopholes... We are not against any individual officer. But yes, the movie will focus on incidents of my life in the past year".

Anara, who won the title of Miss Jammu in 2001, was picked up by the state police last year for allegedly featuring in a porn movie. She was kept in custody for nine days but her innocence was proved when the CD sent for forensic examination to Hyderabad revealed that the girl in the film was not Anara.

The Jammu and Kashmir High Court in February said that there was no case against Anara and termed her a "victim".

Anara has also featured in a Punjabi music video that was shot in Himachal Pradesh, besides acting in some television serials.

On her selection, Anara simply said it was her dream.

Co-producers Shanker Bhan and K K Yadav clarified that there is "nothing vulgar" in the film. "It will not be a C-grade movie at all. Our aim is to highlight the sufferings of Anara and expose those who attempt to take advantage of the vulnerable for their selfish ends".

In tune with Bollywood masala films, the B R Ishara venture slated for an April 2006 release would feature six songs. The lead actor budget of the film were still to be decided. Bollywood Sex Scandals Hot Photo GalleryDivya Chawla
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