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Wattaanaan Ton Door     Back to Top

Three friends from Punjab went to Germany with a hope of making lot of money but realized that country doesn’t matter, it is the hard work which pays & makes one successful.

Genre : Musical, Social & Family

Duration : 2 hours 27 mins (8820)

Keywords : Punjab, Germany, Gursewak Mann, Arun Bakshi, illegally, Pilot Bhaji
Zakhmi     Back to Top

This is s story of taking revenge

Genre : Action, Social & Family

Duration : 2 hours 22 mins (8520)

Keywords : Revenge, sarpanch, honest, cruel, witness, murder
Rustam-e-Hind     Back to Top

This film is on 'Kushti', Indian wrestling & its tile Rustam-e-Hind. Wrestler Jagdish Bhola is actually a winner of ‘Arjun Award & Rustam-e-Hind’. Wrestler Parminder is a winner of Bharat Kesri.

Genre : Drama, Action & Adventure

Duration : 2 hours 20 mins (8400)

Keywords : Rustam-e-Hind, Jagdish Bhola, wrestling, wrestler, Kushti, Parminder
Purja Purja Kat Marey     Back to Top

The title ‘Purja Purja Kat Marey’ are the words spoken by our 10th Guru ‘ Sahib Shri Guru Gobin Singh ji’ and the film justifies the same – Stand up & fight for your rights till your last breath, do not harm anyone and also not allow anyone to harm you.

Genre : Drama, Action & Adventure, Social & Family

Duration : 2 hours 13 mins (7980)

Keywords : Purja purja, 10th Guru, Sarpanch, Guru Gobind Singh ji, Justice
Bhotu Shah Ji Khabardar     Back to Top

This is a pure comedy film

Genre : Humor

Duration : 57 mins (3420)

Keywords : Comedy, Bhotu Shah, Chaman Tochan
Mata Da Darbar     Back to Top

The Thakurs, followers of Maa Vaishno Devi, are thankful to her after their daughter is born. But soon they consider her as a curse when the Thakurain turns into a statue. Disowned by the father, the baby is found by a temple priest who adopts her and names her Jogan. Jogan grows up to be a follower of Maa Vaishno Devi. But her woes haven’t ended as she is ill-treated by her adoptive mother. Further she is accused of stealing the ‘Naulakha Haar’ from the temple and sent away from the village. Madan, a local baddie falls for her and her faith in God manages to change him into a good person. But then he gets injured in a fire. Will Jogan's faith in Maa Vaishno Devi continue after all that has been happening?

Genre : Drama, Social & Family

Duration : 2 hours 03 mins (7380)

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Pagadi Sambhaal Jatta     Back to Top

This film shows how simple villagers get befooled by the rich landlords , who never give the mortgaged land back to them.

Genre : Romance, Social & Family

Duration : 2 hours 07 mins (7620)

Keywords : Zagirdaar, rich, landlord, mortgage, land, Pagri, rights
Yaar Maar     Back to Top

The film shows how and to what extent one friend can be betrayed by his best friend.

Genre : Musical, Drama, Romance, Social & Family

Duration : 2 hours 03 mins (7380)

Keywords : farmer, friend, fiancee, murder, betrayal, kill
Subedaar     Back to Top

This is a story of a brave soilder who has two sons,one is a police inspector and other takes up crime due to cicumstances but gets killed by his own father in the end.

Genre : Social & Family

Duration : 2 hours 28 mins (8880)

Keywords : Gurdas Maan, Subedar, jat, farmer, twin sons, life imprisonment , inspector, Sukhchain
Sat Bhakhey Ravidass     Back to Top

This is based on the real story of Sant Ravidas ji

Genre : Mythology

Duration : 2 hours 18 mins (8280)

Keywords : Sant, Ravidasji, Lower acste, Castism, religious
Santo Banto     Back to Top

This is a family story of two twin sisters Santo & Banto

Genre : Drama, Romance, Social & Family

Duration : 2 hours 05 mins (7500)

Keywords : Aurna Irani, Santo, Love, Twin, double
Na Kar Badnam Canada Nu     Back to Top

The film shows how crazy are the people of Punjab to get settled in Canada.

Genre : Drama, Romance, Social & Family

Duration : 1 hours 54 mins (6840)

Keywords : Canada, NRI, duped, villagers, married
30 Videos on 3 page(s)Page 1
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