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Mahira Khan

Photos : 33 Total Watch : 11724
Mahira Khan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Website : Mahira Khan is a video jockey on the satellite channel MTV Pakistan. Mahira c hosted a live show called Most Wanted three ...

Veena Malik

Photos : 246 Total Watch : 183328
Zahida eli Veena Malik on pakistanilainen näyttelijä ja malli. Hänen urasuunnitelmansa herätti alun perin vastustusta hänen lähipiirinsä taholta. Malik asui lapsena Rawalpindissä ja aloitti uransa Lahoressa. ...

Veena Malik White Wedding

Photos : 19 Total Watch : 910
Veena always dreamt of white wedding right from her childhood and finally,her dream came true. Her white wedding took place in world’s most luxurious cruise of USA- ‘Spirit of Washington’. The host and best ...

Mehwish Hayat

Photos : 22 Total Watch : 2751
Mehwish Hayat is a Pakistani model, singer, and film actress. In 2008, the UK's magazine Eastern Eye ranked her at ninth in the list of "Asia's Sexiest Woman". In 2009, she was voted as the 9th sexiest Asian,and year ...


Photos : 167 Total Watch : 536162
Mirabai (मीराबाई) was an aristocratic Hindu mystical singer and devotee of Krishna from Rajasthan and one of the most significant figures of the Sant tradition of the Vaishnava bhakti movement. Some ...

Samina Peerzada

Photos : 6 Total Watch : 1028
Samina Peerzada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Website : Samina Peerzada (Punjabi, Urdu: ثمینہ پیرزادہ; born 9 April 1955) is a Pakistani Peerzada was born as ...


Photos : 0 Total Watch : 0
Kaveeta (Urdu: کویتا) (born as: Nasreen Rizvi), is a Pakistani film actress. She is the sister of actress Sangeeta. Her father, Syed Tayyab Husain Rizvi, gave her a good home ...


Photos : 0 Total Watch : 0
Sangeeta is a popular Pakistani film actor, filmmaker and drama director. She has starred in hit movies like Society Girl and Mutti Bhar Chawal. Her directorial dramas include Pakvilla. Acting Her name was changed ...

Saima Noor

Photos : 0 Total Watch : 0
Saima is a Pakistani actress from Multan, who appears in Punjabi and Urdu films. Syed Noor was first romantically linked to the Pakistani actress, Saima in the late nineties. On 1 May 2007, Saima in a press ...

Atiqa Odho

Photos : 0 Total Watch : 0
Atiqa Odho (Urdu: عتیقہ اوڈھو‎; born 12 February 1958) is a Pakistani television and film actress, television host, politician and brand. She debuted ...

Noor Bukhari

Photos : 0 Total Watch : 0
Noor (Punjabi, Urdu: نور‎; born July 3, 1973) is regarded as one of the most successful Pakistani actress and model. She has appeared in Urdu and Punjabi Lollywood films and several television ...


Photos : 0 Total Watch : 0
Anjuman (Urdu: انجمن) is a Pakistani film actress. She was one of the most successful Punjabi film heroines of Pakistan during the 1980s and early 90's. Her real name is Anjuman Shaheen ...

Somy Ali

Photos : 0 Total Watch : 0
Somy Ali (Urdu: سومی علی‎; born March 25, 1976) is a former Pakistani Bollywood actress of early 1990s. She has her own clothing line, So-Me Designs apart from running ...

Saba Qamar

Photos : 5 Total Watch : 8930
Saba Qamar is a Lahore based Pakistani model known for featuring in Abrar Ul Haq's Boliyan Pa Kay. She is also the host of comedy show called Hum Sab Umeed Say Hain on Geo TV. Saba Qamar is marvelously making her ...


Photos : 34 Total Watch : 95284
Reema (born October 27, 1971), birth name Sameena,best known by her screen name Reema, is a Pakistani film actress, director and producer who has more than 200 films and multiple awards to her credit. Reema Khan est ...

Saira Khan

Photos : 56 Total Watch : 131811
Saira Khan is a British television personality and was the runner-up on the first UK series of reality TV show The Apprentice in 2005....

Lollywood Actresses Hot Wallpapers

Photos : 26 Total Watch : 984005
Lollywood Actresses Hot Wallpapers Photo Gallery page in Website : Lollywood Actresses Hot Wallpapers lollywood gallery photo.html Photo Gallery of Lollywood ...

Haifa Wehbe

Photos : 332 Total Watch : 989767
Haifa Wehbe in Mahrouna, Lebanon is a Lebanese model, actress, and singer who rose to fame in the Arab world as runner up for Miss Lebanon and later through the release of her debut album Houwa El-Zaman in 2002 ...

Yasmeen Ghauri

Photos : 30 Total Watch : 243029
Yasmeen Ghauri. definitive. Website : Celebrate the beauty, self-awareness and gradual learning to improve. How she turned from brownie-face to the most beautyful face on the planet. ...

Urooj Mohmand

Photos : 13 Total Watch : 11415
Urooj Mohmand Biography You're looking at Cute Pashto New Singer Urooj Mohmand She sing Pashto songs for 1 year, She's elder sister Musarrat Mohmand is also famous Pashto singer. She started singing in Pashto just 1 ...

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