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Prabhu Kasthuriraja (25 February 1978), professionally known as Dhanush, is a Tamil film actor and playback singer in Chennai, India. His filmography includes the critically acclaimed films Thulluvadho Ilamai, Kadhal ...


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Vijay eller Vijaya är ett indiskt mansnamn med betydelsen "seger". Vijay eller Vijaya är ett indiskt mansnamn med betydelsen "seger"....


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Mohanlal Vishwanathan Nair (born 21 May 1960), known mononymously as Mohanlal or Lal is an Indian film actor and producer who works mainly in Malayalam cinema. Four-time National Award winner, he has won two Best ...


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Ajith Kumar is an Indian film actor, considered one of the leading actors of the Tamil film industry. He began his career as a supporting actor in a Telugu film before gaining critical recognition in the thriller ...

Vijay Mallya

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Vijay Mallya (Kannada: ವಿಜಯ್ ಮಲ್ಯ) (born 18 December 1955) is an Indian liquor baron and Rajya Sabha MP. The son of industrialist Vittal Mallya, he is the ...


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Prithviraj can refer to: Prithviraj Sukumaran, an Indian actor Prithviraj Chauhan or Prithviraj III, a king of the Chauhan dynasty Prithviraj Raso, an epic on the life of Prithviraj III Prithviraj Kapoor, a famous ...


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In Hinduism, Surya is the chief solar deity, one of the Adityas, son of Kasyapa and one of his wives, Aditi; of Indra; or of Dyaus Pitar (depending by the version). The term Suriya also refers to the Sun, in general. ...

Shameer Khan

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Shameer Khan Photography Website : shameerkhan.blogspot.com Shameer Khan is quickly becoming one to watch in the world of fashion and entertainment. Shameer's passion and undying love for photography can be ...

Rajmohan Unnithan

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Rajmohan Unnithan: Latest News, Photos and Videos Website : connect.in.com/rajmohan-unnithan/profile.html Explore Profile of Rajmohan Unnithan at Connect.in.com, see Rajmohan Unnithan web of connections, news, ...

Resul Pookutty

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Resul Pookutty may be related to the following persons, place, events or things. Resul Pookutty -------------- Resul Pookutty -------------- Doctor of Letters ----------------- IIFA ...


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Vikram may refer to: Vikram (name) is a male name in the Hindu community Vikramāditya, a legendary king of India Vikram Kennedy is a Tamil film actor in India Vikram, a character in Baital Pachisi, identified with ...


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Simbu can refer to the Simbu Province (formerly Chimbu) of Papua New Guinea Kuman language (New Guinea), also known as Simbu or Chimbu Chimbu River Silambarasan Rajendar, a South Indian actor....

Prabhu Deva

Photos : 25 Total Watch : 28866
Prabhu Deva (born 3 April 1973) is an Indian dancer, choreographer, actor and film director. He has been called "India's Michael Jackson" for his fast-paced dance movements, though he has given performances in a wide ...

Prabhu Deva Promotion of the Film Wanted

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Dailymotion - WANTED PRABHU DEVA Film Promotion - a Film & TV Website : dailymotion.com/video/xarcbe_wanted-prabhu-deva-film-promotion_shortfilm Prabhu Deva at Promotion of the Film ...


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Mammootty (born Muhammad Kutty on 17 September 1953) is an award-winning Indian actor who works mainly in Malayalam Cinema. During a career spanning more than two decades, he has acted in more than 350 films as lead ...

Suresh Gopi

Photos : 15 Total Watch : 30865
Suresh Gopi (born 25 June 1958) is a National Award winning Malayalam film actor who is famous for his roles in police dramas. He is noted for his leading roles as much as his character roles. He is also famous for ...


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Bharath Born Bharath Nivas July 21, 1983 (age 27) Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Other names Chinna Thalapathi Occupation Actor Years active 2003-present Bharath (Tamil: பரத்) ...


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Sameer Dattani or Sammir Dattani also known as Dhyan is an Indian film actor who acted in Bollywood and Kannada films. Sameer Dattani or Sammir Dattani also known as Dhyan is an Indian film actor who acted in ...


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Mammoty, a special type of garden hoe that is common in India and Sri Lanka, whose blade is about four times as large as that of the average garden hoe. It is the gardening implement of choice in these countries and ...


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Jayaram may be related to the following persons, place, events or things. Jayaram ------- Jayalalithaa Jayaram -------------------- Джаярам Джаялалита (также просто ...

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